Rowan Williams Bibliography: 1996-2000

[For some acknowledgments, and an important note, please see this post. See also 1972–1979 (with an explanation), 1980–1985, 1986-1990, and 1991-1995]


Books (booklets and pamphlets)

1996a     The Kingdom is Theirs: Five Reflections on the Beatitudes, London: Christian Socialist Movement; reissued 2002

Articles and Lectures

1996b     ‘Between the Cherubim: The Empty Tomb and the Empty Throne’, in Gavin D’Costa (ed.) Resurrection Reconsidered, Oxford: Oneworld Pubns, pp.87-101; reprinted in On Christian Theology, pp.183-196

1996c     ‘Forbidden Fruit: New Testament Sexual Ethics’; address delivered at Christ’s College, Cambridge; printed in Martyn Percy (ed.), Intimate Affairs: Spirituality and Sexuality in Perspective, London: DLT, pp.21-31

1996d     ‘Sacraments of the New Society’, in David Brown and Ann Loades (eds) Christ: The Sacramental Word – Incarnation, Sacrament, and Poetry, London: SPCK, pp.89-102; reprinted in On Christian Theology, pp.209-221

1996e     ‘Theological Perspectives’, in Gordon R Dunstan and Peter J Lachmann (eds) Euthanasia: Death, Dying and the Medical Duty (British medical bulletin 52.2), London: Royal Society of Medicine, pp.362-9

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

1996f     ‘Church and State’ in Paul Barry Clarke and Andrew Linzey (eds.), Dictionary of Ethics, Theology, and Society, London: Routledge

1996g     ‘Jungfrauengeburt’ and ‘Soteriologie’ in Evangelisches KirchenlexiconViertier Band: S – Z, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht; English versions ‘Virgin Birth’ and ‘Soteriology’ in The Encyclopedia of Christianity 5: Si-Z, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2008

Introductions and Forewords

1996h     ‘ Foreword’ in Tom and Barbara Butler, Just Spirituality in a World of Faiths, London: Mowbray

1996i     ‘Foreword’ in Melvyn Matthews, Rediscovering Holiness: The Search for the Sacred Today, London: SPCK

Book Reviews

1996j     Review of Sara Maitland, Big-Enough God, New York: Henry Holt, London: Mowbrays, 1995, Theology 99 (January – February), pp.59-60

1996k     Review of Elizabeth Stuart, Just Good Friends: Towards a Lesbian and Gay Theology of Relationships, London: Mowbrays, 1995, Theology & Sexuality 4 (March), pp.123-126


Books (booklets and pamphlets)

1997a     The Future of the Papacy – an Anglican View, Michael Richards Memorial Lecture, Oxford; Catholics for a Changing Church, pamphlet 12, London: Blackfriars Publications / Catholics for a Changing Church, 2000


1997b     ‘Penrhys’ and ‘Curtains for Bosnia’, Image 16 (Summer), pp.62-64; reprinted in The Poems of Rowan Williams (2002).

Articles and Lectures

1997c     ‘Beyond Aesthetics: Theology and Hymnody’, Kenote address at the International Hymn Conference, in York, August 1997; printed in Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland Bulletin 213.15 (4), pp.73-78

1997d     ‘Gardens and Cities’, in David Clark (ed.) Changing World, Unchanging Church? An Agenda for Christians in Public Life, London: Mowbray, pp.48-50

1997e     ‘Interiority and Epiphany: A Reading in New Testament Ethics’, Modern Theology 13 (January), pp.29-51; and in L Gregory Jones and James J Buckley(eds) Spirituality and Social Embodiment, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1997, pp.29-51; reprinted in On Christian Theology, pp.239-264

1997f     ‘Knowing Myself in Christ’ in Timothy Bradshaw (ed.) The Way Forward: Christian Voices on Homosexuality and the Church, London: Hodder and Stoughton; 2 nd edition: 2003

1997g     ‘Minding the Gaps: Thoughts on the Education of the Spirit’, paper presented at the 7th National Training Conference for Chaplains in Further Education; published in Journal of Chaplaincy in Further Education 1.1 (Spring 2005), pp.3-7.

1997h     ‘Origen: Between Orthodoxy and Heresy’, in Walther Bienert and Uwe Kühneweg (eds) Origeniana Septima: Origenes in den Auseinandersetzungen des 4 Jahrhunderts, proceedings of the seventh international colloquium for Origen studies, 25-29 Aug 1997, Bibliothecum Ephemeridem Theologicarum Lovaniensum 137, Louvain: Leuven Univ Press / Peeters, 1999, pp.3-14; German translation ‘Origenes: ein Kirchenvater zwischen Orthodoxie und Häresie’ (trans. Peter Gemeinhardt), Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum 2.1, 1998, p 49-64 (English abstract, p 64)

1997i     ‘Prophecy Today’, 1997 Las Casas lecture; published in Priests and People (now The Pastoral Review ), July 1998; available online at

Introductions and Forewords

1997j     ‘Foreword’, in C. Crowder (ed.) God and Reality: Essays on Christian Non-Realism, London: Mowbray, 1997, pp.v-ix

Book Reviews

1997k     Review of Gillian T W Ahlgren, Teresa of Avila and the Politics of Sanctity, Ithaca, NY: Cornell, 1996, Journal of Ecclesiastical History 48 (October) 1997, pp.780-781

1997l     Review of David Brakke, Athanasius and the Politics of Asceticism, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1995, Theology 100 (March to April), pp.140-141

1997m     Review of Grace M Jantzen, Power, Gender and Christian Mysticism, Cambridge: CUP, 1995, Theology 100 (March – April), pp.132-133

1997n     ‘God is One and All Alone’, Review of Maurice Wiles, Archetypal Heresy: Arianism through the Centuries, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1997, TLS: The Times Literary Supplement no 4925, p. 31 (22 Aug); available online at,,25371-1954389,00.html

1997o     ‘Acting on God’s behalf’, Review of NT Wright, Jesus and the victory of God, p.14, Church Times, 14 March


Articles and Lectures

1998a     ‘Afterword: Making Differences’ in Lucy Gardner, David Moss, Ben Quash and Graham Ward (eds) Balthasar at the End of Modernity, Edinburgh: T&T Clark, pp.173-9; reprinted as ‘Balthasar and Difference’ in Wrestling with Angels, pp.77-85

1998b     ‘On Being a Human Body’, Henry Cooper Lecture at the Lambeth Conference; published in Chrism: The St Raphael Quarterly 35.3 (August); reprinted in Sewanee Theological Review 42 (Michaelmas 1999), pp.403-413

1998c     ‘Being a People: Reflections on the Concept of the “Laity”’, paper delivered at a conference in Leeds University, June 30- July 3; printed in Reflection on the Laity: a Focus for Christian Dialogue between East and West = Religion, State & Society 27.1 (1999), pp.11-21

1998d     ‘Logic and spirit in Hegel’, in Phillip Blond (ed.) Post-Secular Philosophy: Between Philosophy and Theology, London: Routledge, pp.116-130; reprinted in Wrestling with Angels, pp..35-52

1998e     ‘On Making Moral Decisions’ [plenary session, Lambeth Conference, July 22 1998], published in Sewanee Theological Review 42 (Easter), pp.147-158; and Anglican Theological Review 81 (Spring), pp.295-308; revised in Robin Gill (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics, Cambridge: CUP, 2001, pp.3-15

1998f     ‘New Words for God: Contemplation and Religious Writing’, in Thomas Merton: Poet, Monk, Prophet; Papers presented at the Second General Conference of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland at Oakham School, March 1998, Abergavenny: Three Peaks Press

1998g     ‘Troubled Breasts: The Holy Body in Hagiography’, paper delivered at a conference at the University of Wales, Cardiff; printed in Jan Willem Drijvers and John W. Watt (ed.) Portraits of Spiritual Authority: Religious Power in Early Christianity, Byzantium, and the Christian Orient, Religions in the Graeco-Roman World 137, Leiden: E J Brill, 1999, pp.63-78

1998h     ‘Tyndale and the Christian Society’, 5 th Annual Tyndale Society Lambeth Lecture; published in Tyndale Society Bulletin 12 (1999), pp.38-49, reprinted in Anglican Identities, pp.9-23

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

1998i     ‘Alexander von Alexandrien’ and ‘Athanasius’ in Hans Dieter Betz et al (eds) Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 4th edition, vol.1, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck

1998j     ‘Arianism’ in Everett Fergusson, Michael McHugh, and Frederick Norris (eds) The Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, N.Y. and London: Garland, 2nd edn

1998k     ‘Justification’ and ‘Péché’ in Jean-Ives Lacoste (ed.), Dictionnaire critique de théologie, Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1998 (2 nd edition, 2002; third, 2007); translated as ‘Justification’ and ‘Sin’ in Encyclopedia of Christian Theology, New York, Routledge: 2004

1998l     ‘Simone Weil’ in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, London: Routledge

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

1998m     ‘Is Blair still a Christian Socialist?’, New Statesman, 25 September

1998n     ‘No life here – no joy, terror or tears’ (Response to Bishop Spong’s statement), Church Times, 17 July

1998o     ‘Whatever happened to all the hope?’, Church Times, 1 May, p.12

Introductions and Forewords

1998p     ‘Foreword’ in Colin Coward (ed.) TheOther Way: Anglican Gay and Lesbian Journeys, London: Changing Attitude

1998q     ‘Foreword’ in Tarjei Park, The English Mystics: An Anthology, London: SPCK


Books (edited and translated)

1999a     (ed. and tr.) Sergii Bulgakov: Towards a Russian Political Theology, Edinburgh: T&T Clark

Books (booklets and pamphlets)

1999b     The Apocalyptic and the Charismatic in Early Monastic Literature: the Case of the Letter of Ammonas, lecture on receiving Dr. Theol. honoris causa (introduced by Brennecke H C), published as Faith and Experience in Early Monasticism: New Perspectives on the Letter of Ammonas / Laudatio und Festvortrag anlässlich der Ehrenpromotion von Rowan Douglas Williams durch die Theologische Fakultät der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg am 02.07.1999 in der Aula des Erlanger Schlosses, Erlangen: Universitätsbibliothek: Erlangen-Nürnberg Friedrich-Alexanders-Universität, Erlangen

1999c     Room for the Spirit: Thoughts on Spiritual Values and Bodily Persons, National Society’s RE Centre, Annual Lecture; London: National Society (Church of England) for promoting Religious Education

1999d     ‘To Stand where Christ Stands’, in Ralph Waller and Benedicta Ward (ed.)Introduction to Christian Spirituality, London: SPCK, pp.1-13

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

1999e     ‘Christologie II.1: Alte Kirche’ in Hans Dieter Betz et al (eds) Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 4th edition, vol.2, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck

1999f     (i) ‘Creation’ and (ii) ‘Trinitate, de’ in Allan Fitzgerald (ed.), Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans

Introductions and Forewords

1999g     ‘Foreword’ in Philip Crowe, Strange Design: Exploring the Ways of God in the World, Canterbury: Norwich

1999h     ‘Foreword’ in John Davies, Be Born in us Today: The Message of the Incarnation for Today, Canterbury: Norwich

Book Reviews

1999i     Review of David Martin, Does Christianity Cause War?, Oxford: Clarendon, 1997, in Journal of Contemporary Religion 14.1, (January), pp.148–150

1999j     Review of ‘Books’ with Conor Gearty, Keith Mitchell and Elizabeth Longford, The Tablet 253, no 8291, pp.990-3


1999k     ‘Quarrying for God’, interview with Roland Ashby, Anglican Media, The Melbourne Anglican, Australia, March,


1999l     ‘To Augustine’ [Letters at the End of the Millennium], broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 31 December; transcript:



2000a     Christ on Trial: How the Gospel Unsettles our Judgement, London: Fount

2000b     Lost Icons: Reflections on Cultural Bereavement, Edinburgh: T&T Clark; Harrisburg: Morehouse, 2002; Reissued: London: Continuum, 2003

2000c     On Christian Theology, Challenges in Contemporary Theology. Oxford /Malden, Mass: Blackwell

Lectures and Articles

2000d     ‘Hooker the Theologian’, Lecture delivered at Corpus Christi College, Oxford; printed in Journal of Anglican Studies, 1.1 (2003), pp.103-116; reprinted in Anglican Identities, pp.24-39

2000e     ‘Insubstantial Evil’, in George Lawless and Robert Dodaro (eds) Augustine and his Critics: Essays in Honour of Gerald Bonner, London, New York: Routledge, pp.105-123

2000f     ‘The Seal of Orthodoxy: Mary and the Heart of Christian Doctrine’ lecture at a day conferences organized by the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk; published in Martin Warner (ed.), Say Yes to God: Mary and the Revealing of the Word Made Flesh, London: Tufton

2000g     ‘The Sermon’, lecture delivered at the 10th anniversary conference of Affirming Catholicism, Durham, September 2000, published in Stephen Conway (ed.) Living the Eucharist: Affirming Catholicism and the Liturgy, London: Darton, Longman & Todd, 2001, pp.44-55

Sermons and Speeches

2000h     Sermon delivered at enthronement service as Archbishop of Wales, St Woolos Cathedral, Newport, 26 February; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.7-14

2000i     ‘Presidential Address’ [to Church in Wales Governing Body], 27 April; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.15-22

2000j     ‘Reaffirming the Value of the Child’ [Sermon following publication of the Waterhouse Report], May 2000; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.23-31

2000k     ‘Ascension Day 2000’, sermon; available online at

2000l     ‘Presidential Address’ [to Church in Wales Governing Body], 21 September; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.33-40

2000m     ‘Advent Message 2000’; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.41-42

2000n     Sermon, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 10 December; available online at

2000o     ‘Christmas Message 2000’; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.43-44

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

2000p     (i) ‘Catholicity’, (ii) ‘Resurrection’ and (iii) ‘Russian Christian thought’ in Adrian Hastings (ed.), Oxford Companion to Christian Thought, New York: Oxford

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

2000q     ‘Banking without Barclays’, The Guardian, April 6,

2000r     ‘Our Differences Need Not Destroy Us’, The Tablet 254, no 8328, April 8, p.476; reproduced online at

2000s     ‘Wanted: Imaginative, Attentive, Ideological, Inspirational Mediators’, Church Times, 6 Oct 2000

2000t     ‘Telling that Christmas story like it is’, The Guardian, December 23,,,416133,00.html

Introductions and Forewords

2000u     ‘Foreword’ in Douglas Davies, Private Passions: Betraying Discipleship on the Journey to Jerusalem, Norwich: Canterbury Press

2000v     ‘Foreword’ in Michael Doe, Seeking the Truth in Love: The Church and Homosexuality, London: DLT

2000w     ‘Preface’ in Mike Endicott, Healing at the Well, Bradford on Avon: Terra Nova

2000x     ‘Foreword’ in Una Kroll, Forgive and Live, London: Mowbray

Book Reviews

2000y     Review of ‘Books’ with Lavinia Byrne, Michael Walsh, Fergus Kerr, Henry Wansbrough, Rosalie Osmond, Gemma Simmonds, Bernard Green, Lucy Lethbridge and Alban McCoy, The Tablet 254, no 8336, pp.792-9


2000z     Interview, Greenbelt Festival; edited text published as ‘The Lambeth Talk’,

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