Rowan Williams Bibliography: 2001-2003

[For some acknowledgments, and an important note, please see this post. See also 1972–1979 (with an explanation), 1980–1985, 1986-1990, 1991-1995, and 1996-2000]



2001a     ‘Spirit in the Desert’, the John Main Seminar (World Community for Christian Meditation), Sydney; published as Silence and Honeycakes: The Wisdom of the Desert, including a transcript of the question and answer session, pp.99-116, Oxford: Lion, 2003; reprinted as Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another and Other Lessons from the Desert Fathers, without question and answer session but with Laurence Freeman (ed.) ‘The Monastic Wisdom of the Christian Desert: A Selection of Sayings’, 123-162, Boston: New Seeds, 2005; also available as audio tapes of the original seminar:


2001b     Remembering Jerusalem, Oxford: Perpetua Press; all poems subsequently included in The Poems of Rowan Williams, 2002.

Books (translated and edited)

2001c     (ed.) John Henry Newman, The Arians of the Fourth Century, The Works of Cardinal John Henry Newman, vol. 4 (Birmingham Oratory Millennium edn, ed. James Tolhurts); Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2001, including (i) ‘Introduction’ and (ii) ‘Editor’s Notes’, pp.xiv-xlvii, pp.475-505

2001d     (ed. with Geoffrey Rowell and Kenneth E Stevenson) Love’s Redeeming Work: The Anglican Quest for Holiness, Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, including, with Geoffrey Rowell and Kenneth E Stevenson, ‘General Introduction’ and ‘Part 1: Introduction’

Books (booklets and pamphlets)

2001e     Words and Music: the Welsh experience (Festival Lecture), Llanelwy: Patrons of the North Wales International Music Festival and Coleg Harlech, 2001

Articles and Lectures

2001f     ‘Beyond Liberalism’, Political Theology 3.1 (November), pp.64-73;

2001g     ‘The Child and the Whiteness’ in New Welsh Review 51 (Remebering R.S. Thomas) (Winter 2000-2001), pp.6-7

2001h     ‘Defining Heresy’, in Alan Kreider (ed.) The Origins of Christendom in the West, Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2001, pp.313-335

2001i     ‘The Fate of Liberal Anglicanism’, lecture delivered at Westcott House, Cambridge; printed in Anglican Identities, pp.73-86

2001j     ‘A History of Faith in Jesus’, in Marcus Bockmuehl (ed.) Cambridge Companion to Jesus, Cambridge: CUP, pp.220-236

2001k     ‘The Landscape of Faith’, address at the National Eisteddfod, 8 August; (transcript

2001l     ‘On Globalisation’, Address to the Christian Association of Business Executives; transcript available at

2001m     ‘Preface to the Second Edition’ and ‘Arius Since 1987’ in Arius: Heresy and Tradition, 2 nd edn, London: SCM

2001n     ‘Reformed Characters: Rediscovering a Common Tradition’ in Epworth Review 28:2

2001o     ‘What Does Love Know: St Thomas on the Trinity’, The Aquinas Lecture, Oxford, Jan 24 th, published in New Blackfriars 82.964 (June), pp.260-272

Sermons and Speeches

2001p     ‘Easter Message 2001’; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp45-47

2001q     ‘Presidential Address’ [to Church in Wales Governing Body], 20 September; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.51-58

2001r     ‘Christmas Message 2001’; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp59-60

2001s     ‘Buried Truth’, ‘Inhabiting the ruins’, ‘Let a child be a child’ and ‘The shadow of a crucifix’ in Darkness Yielding: Angles on Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, WH Vanstone, Sylvia Sands, Martin Percy and Jim Cotter, Harlech: Cairns; reprinted as Darkness Yielding: Liturgies, Prayers and Reflections for Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, Norwich: Canterbury, 2008

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

2001t     ‘Incarnation 2’ and ‘Inspiration’ in Erwin Fahlbusch, et al. (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Christianity, vol. 2, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans [check German original?]

Introductions and Forewords

2001u     Foreword in Una Kroll, Anatonmy of Survival: Steps on a Personal Journey Towards Healing, London: Continuum (Mowbrays), 2001

2001v     ‘Foreword’ in Mark Pryce (ed.), Literary Companion to the Lectionary: Readings Throughout the Year, London: SPCK

2001w     ‘Introduction’ in Michael Woodward (ed.) That Mysterious Man: Essays on Augustine Baker OSB 1575-1641, Abergavenny: Three Peaks

Book Reviews

2001x     Review of David Brown, Tradition and Imagination: Revelation and Change, Oxford: OUP, 1999 in Theology 104:822, pp.452-453

2001y     Review of Daniel B Clendenin, Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1994) and Eastern Orthodox Theology: A Contemporary Reader (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1995), and Judith Deutsch Kornblatt and Richard F. Gustafson (eds.) Russian Religious Thought (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1996), Religion, State & Society 29.3 (September), pp.247-248

2001z     Review of Rudolf Lorenz, Das vierte Jahrhundert (Osten), Die Kirche in ihrer Geschichte: Ein Handbuch (ed. Bernd Moeller), Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprevht, 1992, Journal of Theological Studies 52.1, p.364

2001aa     Review of ‘Books’ with Clifford Longley, Linda Hogan, Shirley Du Boulay, Tina Beattie, Anthony Harvey, Paul Hypher, Henry Wansbrough, Michael Morton and David Forrester, The Tablet 255, no 8386

2001ab     Review of ‘Books’ with Mark Oakley, Walter Schwarz, Alan Webster, James Le Fanu, Robert Tanitch and Lucy Lethbridge, The Tablet 255, no 8409, pp.1604-9


2001ac     On Belief with Joan Bakewell, Radio 3, 3 December; audio available at; transcript published in Joan Bakewell, Belief, London: Gerald Duckworth and Co., 2005, pp.72–83


2001ad     Note on September 11, Anglican World, Michaelmas, London: Anglican Communion; printed as ‘Comments made in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre, New York, 11 September 2001’ in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.49-50

2001ae     ‘Profile: Frances Young’ in Epworth Review 28:1; reprinted in RS Sugirtharajah (ed.), Wilderness: Essays in Honour of Frances Young, Library of New Testament Studies, London, Continuum, 2005, pp.1-9



2002a     Ponder These Things: Praying with Icons of the Virgin, Franklin, Wis: Sheed & Ward, Norwich: Canterbury

2002b     Writing in the Dust:Reflections on 11th September and its Aftermath, London: Hodder & Stoughton; American edition: Writing in the Dust: After September 11, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans; note that extracts appear in various places: e.g., ‘War as We Know It: False Dramas, True’, Christian Century 119.4 (Feb), pp.7-8; ‘For God’s Sake, Stop this Talk of War’, The Guardian, Jan 21; (with correction in Corrections and Clarifications, Jan 24:; ‘End of War’, The South Atlantic Quarterly 101.2 (Spring 2002), pp.267-78; in Stanley Hauerwas and Frank Lentricchia (eds), Dissent from the Homeland: Essays after September 11, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2003, pp.25–36

Books (booklets and pamphlets)

2002c     ‘From William Temple to George Herbert: Anglican Origins – Prayer and Holiness’, Seminar for the Institute of Spiritual Studies, St Peter’s, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, 25 May; available online at and published as Christian Imagination in Poetry and Polity: Some Voices from Temple to Herbert, London: SLG, 2004

2002d     ‘Living Baptismally’ and ‘Living Eucharistically’, the St Peter’s Public Lectures at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, 14 and 16 May; published as Sacramental Living, Trinity Papers no.32 ( Trinity_Paper_No._32_-_Williams.pdf)


2002e     Poems of Rowan Williams, Oxford: Perpetua Press (including all poems from 1994b, After Silent Centuriesand 2001a, Remembering Jerusalem; see also 1997b)

Articles and Lectures

2002f     ‘Bonhoeffer and the Poets’ in Elizabeth Templeton (ed.), Travelling with Resilience: Essays for Alastair Haggart, Edinburgh: Scottish Episcopal Church

2002g     ‘Community, Opportunity, and “Political Virtue” – An Agenda for the Bevan Foundation’ in Bevan Foundation Review, 1 (Autumn), pp.40-42

2002h     ‘The Deflections of Desire: Negative Theology in Trinitarian Disclosure’ in Oliver Davies and Denys Turner (eds) Silence and the Word: Negative Theology and Incarnation, Cambridge: CUP

2002i     ‘Honest to God in Great Britain’ in John A.T. Robinson, Honest to God (Fortieth Anniversary Edition), Louisville: WJKP, pp.163-83; reprinted in Anglican Identities, pp.103-120

2002j     ‘“Is it the same God?” Reflections on Continuity and Identity in Religious Language” in John H. Whittaker (ed.), The Possibilities of Sense, London: Palgrave, pp.204-218

2002k     ‘Looking for Jesus and Finding Christ’ paper presented at the Claremont Conference on the Phhilosophy of Religion; published in D.Z. Phillips and Mario van der Ruhr, eds, Biblical Concepts and Our World, Claremont Studies in the Philosophy of Religion (London / New York: Palgrave, 2004), pp.141-152 with a reply by Stephen T Davis, ‘Looking for Jesus and still finding Christ’, pp.153-162, and Discussion, pp.163-166

2002l     Raymond Williams Lecture, Hay Festival, 1 June; available online at

2002m     The Richard Dimbleby Lecture, broadcast on BBC1, 19 December; text at

2002n     ‘Statements, Acts and Values: Spiritual and Material in the School Environment’ in Stephen Prickett and Patricia Erskine-Hill (eds) Education! Education! Education! Managerial Ethics and the Law of Unintended Consequences, Exeter: Imprint Academic, pp.167-78

Sermons and Speeches

2002o     ‘Presidential Address’ [to Church in Wales Governing Body], 10 April; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.61-68

2002p     Jubilee Sermon, Bangor Cathedral, 11 June; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.69-72

2002q     ‘Thought for the Day’, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 11 September; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.73-74

2002r     ‘Presidential Address’ [to Church in Wales Governing Body], 19 September; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.75-81

2002s     ‘Presidential Address’ [to Monmouth Diocesan Conference, 12 October; available online at; printed in Addresses and Sermons/Areithiau a Phregethau, pp.83-90

2002t     ‘Christmas Message’,

2002u     ‘Christmas Day Meditation’,

2002v     ‘New Year Message’,

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Articles

2002w     ‘Mysticism’, ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Trinity’ in Wesley Carr et al (ed.), The New Dictionary of Pastoral Studies, London: SPCK

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

2002x     ‘Neighbours from hell: Does it have to be like this?’, Church Times 12 April 2002; available online at or at

2002y     ‘Statement’ [about nomination to the See of Canterbury], Press Release, 23 July; available online at

2002z     ‘Blair makes his case, but what does the jury think?’, The Guardian 25 September; available online at

2002aa     ‘Don’t call us appeasers for hesitating at war with Iraq’, The Daily Telegraph, 5 November; available online at also at

2002ab     (i) ‘Rowan Williams Responds … on Druidism’ and (ii) ‘Rowan Williams Responds… on Homosexuality’, statements to Evangelical Alliance – originally appeared on

2002ac     Response to Diane Knippers, Institute of Religion and Democracy, December 12 th, originally available on

Introductions and Forewords

2002ad     ‘Foreword’ in Jeffrey John, The Meaning in the Miracles, Norwich: Canterbury

2002ae     ‘Foreword’, in Michael J. Meredith, Beyond All Reasonable Doubt, New Alresford: O Books; available online at

2002af     ‘Epilogue’ in Christina Rees (ed.), Voices of This Calling: Experiences of the First Generation of Women Priests, Norwich, Canterbury Press

2002ag     ‘Foreword’ in David Wood, Poet, Priest and Prophet: Bishop John V. Taylor, London: CTBI

Book Reviews

2002ah     ‘Against the Market?’; review of Richard H. Roberts, Religion, Theology and the Human Sciences, Cambridge: CUP, 2002, TLS, The Times Literary Supplement no 5165 (29 March), p. 3; available online at,,25371-1923158,00.html

2002ai     ‘A Displaced Male Orgasm’; review of John Wingaards, The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church: Unmasking a Cuckoo’s Egg Tradition, London: DLT, 2001, TLS, The Times Literary Supplement no 5154 (11 January), pp.28-30; available online at,,25371-1923641,00.html


2002aj     Interview with Gerry McCarthy, The Social Edge, March

2002ak     ‘You’re Bored…’, interview with Christopher Morgan – Sunday Times, 31 Mar 2002; not available online

2002al     ‘Living the questions: the converging worlds of Rowan Williams’, Christian Century, 119.9 (April), pp.18-29 (interview with David S. Cunningham)

2002am     Interview with Roland Ashby, Anglican Media Melbourne: The Melbourne Anglican, June

2002an     Interview with Paul Handley, Church Times 29 Nov and 6 Dec, available online at

2002ao     On Desert Island Discs with Sue Lawley, Radio 4, December; audio available at


2002ap     Family Prayers (with Nick Aiken), London: SPCK / New York: Paulist Press

2002aq     ‘The Cross in the 21 st Century’ in E. Newell (ed.) Seven Words for the 21 st Century, London, DLT; partially reproduced in Seven Words for Three Hours, London, DLT, 2005.

2002ar     ‘The Anglican Church and the Future’, discussion at Trinity College Theological School, Melbourne University; summary available online at

2002as     Letter to Primates, 23 July; transcript:



2003a     Areithiau a Phregethau y Parch a Gwir Arhryd. Dr Rowan Williams Chwe 2000-Rhag 2002: Addresses and Sermons Delivered by the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Rowan Williams, Feb 2000-Dec 2002, Welsh Books Council / Church in Wales; contains 2000h, i, j, l, m, o; 2001o, ab, p, q, 2002o, p, q, r, s

2003b     The Dwelling of the Light: Praying with Icons of Christ, Norwich: Canterbury

2003c>      ‘The Quest for the Historical Church’, Sarum Lectures, Salisbury Cathedral, May; published as Why Study the Past? The Quest for the Historical Jesus, London: DLT / Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2005

Articles and Lectures

2003d     ‘Anglicans on the Fourth Gospel’, lecture delivered at the University of St. Andrew’s; printed in Anglican Identities, pp.121-37; reprinted in Richard Bauckham and Carl Mosser (eds) The Gospel of John and Christian Theology, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2007, pp.68–81

2003e     ‘Christian Theology and Other Faiths’, Birmingham University, printed in Michael Ipgrave (ed.) Scriptures in Dialogue: Christians and Muslims studying the Bible and Qur’an Together, London: Church House Publishing, 2004, pp.131-143

2003f     ‘A Culture of Hope? Priorities and Vision in Church Schools’, The Association of Anglican Secondary School Heads annual conference, Exeter, 11 September; available online at

2003g     ‘Does the Church of England Exist?’, Presidential address at General Synod, 14 July; available online at

2003h     ‘God’s Workshop’, paper presented at ‘Shaping Holy Lives’, a conference on Benedictine Spirituality, Trinity Wall Street, New York, 29 April,

2003i     ‘Just War Revisited’, Lecture to Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House, 14 October, ; adapted and reprinted in ‘War and Statecraft: An Exchange’, First Things 141 (March 2004), pp.14-21

2003j     ‘May They All Be One – But How?’, lecture presented at Ecumenical Conference, St. Albans, 17 May; available online at

2003k     ‘Suspending the Ethical: R.S. Thomas and Kierkegaard’ in Damian Walford David (ed.), Echoes to the Amen: Essays after R.S. Thomas, Cardiff: University of Wales Press

2003l     ‘The Structures of Unity’, New Directions 100 (September); available online at

2003m     ‘Swansea’s Other Poet: Vernon Watkins and the Threshold Between Worlds’, Welsh Writing in English 8, March

2003n     ‘The Theology of Faith and Healing’, Hildegard Lecture at Holy Rood House Centre for Health and Pastoral Care, Thirsk, Thirsk, 7 Feb, available online at

2003o     Article review on Eugene Rogers, Sexuality and the Christian Body, Oxford: Blackwell, 1999, in Scottish Journal of Theology 56.1, pp.82-88

Sermons and Speeches

2003p     Enthronement sermon, 27 Feb, ; revised version published as ‘Life in Christ: Thoughts on Being the Authentic Church’, Sewanee Theological Review 46.3 (Pentecost), pp.383-388

2003q     Sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, morning service, 2 March, available online at

2003r     Sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, diocesan service, 2 March, available online at

2003s     ‘Children and Parents’, Maiden speech in the Lords, 26 March,

2003t     ‘Opening Remarks’, 2nd Building Bridges seminar, Doha, Qatar, 7 April,; reprinted in Michael Ipgrave (ed.) Scriptures in Dialogue: Christians and Muslims studying the Bible and Qur’an Together, London: Church House Publishing, 2004, p.xi

2003u     Palm Sunday sermon, Cathedral of St. George the Martyr, Jerusalem, 13 April,

2003v     Easter Day sermon, Canterbury Cathedral, 20 April, ; a modified version printed as ‘Do not cling to me’, Sojourners magazine, July-August (32.4), pp.32-33, 46; available online at

2003w     National Memorial to the Victoria Cross and the George Cross, Westminster Abbey, 14 May; originally available on – now missing

2003x     Sermon at Celebration for the Unity of the People of God, which was held in Gramado, Brazil, 24 May, available online at

2003y     Address at the closing service of the CEC General Assembly, Trondheim, 2 July; available online at

2003z     Sermon at York Minster during General Synod, 13 July; available online at

2003aa     Address at Churches Together in England Forum, Swanwick, 19 July, originally available on

2003ab     Address given at the funeral of Metropolitan Anthony, 13 Aug; printed in Sourozh: A Journal of Orthodox Life and Thought, pp.6-11

2003ac     Address at Fourth National Evangelical Anglican Congress, Blackpool, 19 September, originally available on , now missing; report at

2003ad     Address at the Children’s Society National Festival Service, Canterbury Cathedral, 20 September, originally available on , now missing; report at

2003ae     Tribute to Lord Williams of Mostyn, Monday 6 October,

2003af     (i) Greeting to Cardinal Kasper, Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome and (ii) Greeting to Pope John Paul II, the Vatican, 4 October; the first was available on , but is now missing; the second is available at

2003ag     Sermon at service of remembrance for Iraq, St Paul’s Cathedral, 10 October; available online at

2003ah     Greeting to His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch, 17 November

2003ai     Sermon at the Launch of Housing Justice, St Martins-in-the-Fields, London, 27 November,

2003aj     Address at the Launch of ‘Parents, Pennies and Pounds’ website, Portcullis House, 8 December,

2003ak     Christmas Sermon, Thursday 25 December,

2003al     New Year Message, 31 December,

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

2003am     ‘Opening Statement’, Pre-enthronement press conference, 21 Feb,

2003an     ‘Weakness and moral inconsistency led us to war’, The Times 25 March; and

2003ao     Statement by the primates of the Anglican Communion, Lambeth Palace, 15 and 16 October; available online at

2003ap     Article in Rethinking Mission 1

Introductions and Forewords

2003aq>     ‘Preface’ in Duncan Dormor, Jack McDonald and Jeremy Caddick, Anglicanism: The Answer to Modernity, London, Continuum

2003ar     ‘Foreword’ in Peta Dunstan (ed.) The Anglican Communion Religious Communities Year Book, 2004-5, Norwich: Canterbury

2003as ‘Foreword’ in Herbert McCabe, God, Christ and Us, London: Continuum

2003at     ‘Foreword’ in John Moses (ed.), One Equall Light: An Anthology of the Writings of John Donne, ed. John Moses, Norwich: Canterbury

2003au     ‘Foreword’ in Judith Pinnington, Anglicans and Orthodox: Unity and Subversion 1559-1725, Leominster, Gracewing

2003av     ‘Foreword’, in Stephen Platten (ed.), Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition: Continuity, Change, and the Search for Communion, Norwich: Canterbury Press

2003aw     ‘Foreword’ in David Runcorn, Choice, Desire and the Will of God, Hendrickson

2003ax     ‘Foreword’ in David Stancliffe, God’s Pattern: Shaping our Worship, Ministry, and Life. London: SPCK

2003ay     ‘Foreword’ in Tim Vivian and Apostolos N. Athanassakis (with Rowan Greer), Athanasius of Alexandria: The Life of Antony (The Coptic Life and the Greek Life), Cistercians Studies 202, Kalamazoo, MI: Cistercian; cf 1995

2003az     ‘Foreword’ in Adrian Whittaker (ed.), Be Glad: An Incredible String Band Compendium, Helter Skelter

Book Reviews

2003ba     ‘What Shakes Us?’, review of Andrew Shanks, What is Truth: Towards a Theological Poetics, London: Routledge, and Stanley Hauerwas, With the Grain of the Universe: The Church’s Witness and Natural Theology, London: SCM, TLS: The Times Literary Supplement, July 4; available online at,,25371-1913496,00.html


2003bb     ‘Beware, Christian Solider on the Warpath’, interview with Christopher Morgan, Sunday Times, Feb 2; available online at


2003bc     Conversations with Rowan Williams, Channel 4 Television (Presentable), September: ‘Playing God’, ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, ‘Bringing Up Children’ and ‘Faith, Politics, and Tradition’

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