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I am a Christian theologian.  I teach, I write books and articles, and I doodle in meetings.

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About the blog

I admit it: I am a bad blogger.

I have not managed to blog very consistently over the years; the phrase ‘wildly uneven’ will no doubt spring to mind if you skim through the archives (and kai euthus was not even my first experiment in blogging).  And even when I do find myself caught up in a wave of blogging enthusiasm, I tend to use the medium in a rather unbloglike way.  I like using it to write whole series of connected posts, working rather slowly through some text that I’m reading, in ways that probably assume more patient and persistent readers than the blog is likely to attract.  But I find the process invaluable as a way of testing (thoroughly, and perhaps to destruction) my construal of these texts, and opening myself up to the possibility that other readers will show me that I have gone wrong – and even if all I manage to do is to persuade some of you to read these texts more attentively and assiduously than I do, it seems to me to be worth the effort.

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  1. Just saw your article on Thinking Anglicans , I recently had a blog article highlighted there and it went viral .(love your church minister) As the your name sounded familiar I followed down your links till I got to family photos and recognise Tony and Patricia at a baptism – and knew it was you – the ‘little boy’ in Hawkwell when I was a curate in the mid 1980’s !!
    Malcolm Round

  2. Hi Mike, I would like very much to follow your blog, but I can’t seem to find the follow button. I did get a new contact lens prescription and might not see it if it is plainly in front of my face, but if not, could you direct me? Susan Francesconi

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