Rowan Williams Bibliography, 1980–1985

[For some acknowledgments, and an important note, please see this post. For 1972–1979, and an explanation, go here.]


Articles and Lectures

1980a     ‘The Via Negativa and the Foundations of Theology: An Introduction to the Thought of V.N. Lossky’ in Stephen Sykes and Derek Holmes (ed.) New Studies in Theology 1, London: Duckworth, pp.95-117; reproduced as ‘Lossky, the Via Negativa and the Foundations of Theology’ in Wrestling with Angels, pp.1-24

1980b     ‘Wort und Geist’, in Klaus Kremkau (ed.) Religiöse Bewusstsein und der heilige Geist in der Kirche, Beiheft zur Ökumenischen Rundschau 40, Frankfurt: Verlag Otto Lembeck, pp.77-96; English version published as ‘Word and Spirit’ in On Christian Theology, pp.107-127


1980c     ‘D Z Phillips and James Richmond (Letter to the Editors)’, Theology 83 no.693 (May), pp.205-207 (response to James Richmond, ‘”Religion Without Explanation”: Theology and D.Z. Phillips’, Theology 83 no.691 (January), pp.34-43)

1980d     ‘George Florovsky (1893-1979): The Theologian’ [obituary], Sobornost n.s. 2.1, pp.70-72


Articles and Lectures

1981a     ‘Origen on the Soul of Jesus’, in RPC Hanson and Henri Crouzel (eds) Origeniana Tertia: The Third International Colloquium for Origen Studies (University of Manchester, September 7th – 11th, 1981), Rome: Edizioni dell’Ateneo, 1985, pp.131-137



1982a     Resurrection: Interpreting the Easter Gospel, London, Darton, Longman & Todd; American Edition: New York: Pilgrim Press, 1984; Revised Edition: London: Darton, Longman & Todd, 2002

Books (booklets and pamphlets)

1982b     Eucharistic Sacrifice: The Roots of a Metaphor, Grove Liturgical Study 31, Bramcote, Notts: Grove Books

Articles and Lectures

1982c     ‘Authority and the Bishop in the Church’, in Mark Santer (ed.) Their Lord and Ours: Approaches to Authority, Community, and the Unity of the Church, London: SPCK, pp.90-112



1983a     The Truce of God, The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book, London: Collins Fount / Faith Press / New York: Pilgrim Press; revised edition Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2005 and The Truce of God: Peacemaking in Troubled Times, Norwich: Canterbury, 2005.

Books (booklets and pamphlets)

1983b     (ed. with Kenneth Leech) Essays Catholic and Radical: A Jubilee Group Symposium for the 150 th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Oxford Movement 1833-1983, London: Bowerdean Press; including (i) ‘Introduction’ (with Kenneth Leech) and (ii) ‘What is Catholic Orthodoxy?’

Articles and Lectures

1983c     ‘Liberation Theology and the Anglican tradition’, paper delivered at the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission at Codrington College, Barbados; see 1984b     

1983d     ‘The Logic of Arianism’, Journal of Theological Studies ns. 34.1 (April), pp.56-81

1983e     ‘The Prophetic and the Mystical: Heiler Revisited’, New Blackfriars 64 (757), pp.330-47

1983f     ‘The Quest of the Historical Thalia’, in Robert C. Gregg (ed.) Arianism: Historical and Theological Reassessments; Papers from the Ninth International Conference on Patristic Studies, September 5-10, 1983, Oxford, England, Patristic Monographs series 11, Cambridge MA: Philadelphia Patristic Foundation, 1985, pp.1-35

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries

1983f     ‘Ascension of Christ’, ‘Christocentrism’, ‘Freudian psychology’, ‘Imagery, Religious’ and ‘Interiority, Interiorization’ in Alan Richardson and John Bowden (eds) Westminster Dictionary of Christian Theology, Philadelphia: Westminster / A New Dictionary of Christian Theology, London: SCM

1983g     ‘Deification’, ‘Dark Night, Darkness’, ‘Desert, Desert Fathers’, ‘St. Bernard of Clairvaux’, ‘St. Ignatius of Antioch’ and ‘St. Irenaeus of Lyons’ in Gordon Wakefield (ed.) Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, Philadelphia: Westminster / A Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, London: SCM


Books (booklets and pamphlets)

1984a     with Mark Collier, Beginning Now, Part 1: Peacemaking Theology: A Study Book for Individuals and Groups, London: Dunamis

1984b     (ed. with David Nicholls) in Politics and Theological Identity: Two Anglican Essays, London: The Jubilee Group, 1984, including ‘Preface’ (with David Nicholls) and ‘Liberation Theology and the Anglican tradition’ (see 1983f); pp.5-6, 7-26

Articles and Lectures

1984c     ‘Butler’s Western Mysticism: Towards an Assessment’, Downside Review 102 (July), pp.197-215

1984d     ‘“Religious Realism”: On Not Quite Agreeing with Don Cupitt’, Modern Theology 1.1 (October), pp.3-24; reproduced in Wrestling with Angels, pp.228-254

1984e     ‘A Response’ in Colin Ogilvie Buchanan (ed.) Essays on Eucharistic Sacrifice in the Early Church: A Sequel to Liturgical Study no 31, Grove Liturgical Study 40, Bramcote, Notts: Grove Books, pp.34-7

1984f     ‘Violence and the Gospel in South Africa’, New Blackfriars 65 (774) (December), pp.505-13

1984g     ‘Women and the Ministry: A Case for Theological Seriousness’, in Monica Furlong (ed.) Feminine in the Church, London: SPCK, pp.11-27

Book Reviews

1984h     ‘Leach’s Bible’, review of Edmund Leach and D. Alan Aycock (eds), Structuralist Interpretations of Biblical Myth, Cambridge: CUP, 1983 in RAIN (Royal Anthropological Institute News) 61 (Apr 1984), pp.11–12

1984i     Review of Eric F. Osborn, The Beginning of Christian Philosophy, Cambridge: CUP, 1981, Journal of Ecclesiastical History 35 (January), pp.145-7


Articles and Lectures

1985a     ‘The Son’s Knowledge of the Father in Origen’, in Lothar Lies (ed.) Origeniana Quarta: Die Referate des 4. internationalen Origeneskongresses (Innsbruck, 2.-6. September 1985), Innsbrucker theologische Studien, ed E. Coreth, W. Kern, H. Rotter, 19, Innsbruck: Tyrolia Verlag, pp.146-153

Book Reviews

1985b     Review of Gillian R. Evans, Augustine on Evil, Cambridge: CUP, 1982, Religious Studies 21.1 (March), pp.95-97

1985c     Review of Patrick Sherry, Spirit, Saints and Immortality, New York: Macmillan / Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1984, Theology 88 (March), pp.151-153

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