Watertight arguments

Walking around the University in the weeks prior to the start of term, I noticed on several occasions two small white vans in one of the staff car parks, doors open to reveal a clutter of maintenance equipment. On the sides of the van, in large letters: “Concept Sealants”. I’m partly comforted by this, and partly worried – I have visions of men in white overalls bursting into a lecture room where I’ve just fudged a complicated argument, glue guns and soldering irons at the ready.

One Thought on “Watertight arguments

  1. Rachel on October 6, 2006 at 9:15 pm said:

    But this is very alarming. Has there been an outbreak of guerrilla deconstructionism around the University – people sneaking around in the night unsealing concepts? Anyway, will they ask me before they seal off any concepts I use? Many of them aren’t really ready to be made watertight. In fact, some of them are designed to leak.

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