Shameless Self-promotion

Amazon having sorted itself out (it had some name-spelling and book-description issues), I can now link to my latest:
Mike Higton - Christian Doctrine
Mike Higton, Christian Doctrine, SCM Core Text (London: SCM, 2008), 403pp

“The SCM Core Text: Christian Doctrine offers an up-to-date, accessible introduction to one of the core subjects of theology. Written for second and third-year university students, it shows that Christian Doctrine is not a series of impossible claims to be clung to with blind faith. Mike Higton argues that it is, rather, a set of claims that emerge in the midst of Christian life, as Christian communities try to make enough sense of their lives and of their world to allow them to carry on.

“Christian communities have made sense of their own life, and the life of the wider world in which they are set, as life created by God to share in God’s own life. They have seen themselves and their world as laid hold of by God’s life in Jesus of Nazareth, and as having the Spirit of God’s own life actively at work within them. This book explores these and other central Christian doctrines, and in each case, shows how the doctrine makes sense, and how it is woven into Christian life.

“It will help readers to see what sense it might make to say the things that Christian doctrine says, and how that doctrine might affect the way that one looks at everything: the natural world, gossip, culture, speaking in tongues, politics, dieting, human freedom, love, High Noon, justice, computers, racism, the novels of Jane Austen, parenthood, death and fashion.”

3 Thoughts on “Shameless Self-promotion

  1. Oh – Amazon still have the number of pages wrong. The book was originally meant to be a 200 page, largish print, 65,000 word ‘SCM Study Guide’. A wee bit of renegotiation later, it’s a 400 page, smallish print, 203,000 word ‘SCM Core Text’. It does have pictures, though.

  2. And it also looks as if they can’t spell Jane Austen…

  3. Corrected. (And, thankfully, only wrong on the online blurb – not on the book itself.)

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