Rowan Williams Bibliography: Acknowledgments

Some acknowledgments: I’ve shamelessly cribbed bibliographic bits and pieces from Matheson Russell and Jeffrey McCurry, who were each kind enough to exchange working bibliographies with me at an earlier stage.

[Edit: I had completely forgotten when I posted this that the bibliographical material Matheson Russell shared with me was being prepared for publication in a book of essays on Williams that he’s editing. Matheson has been extremely nice about the whole thing, and hasn’t called me any of the nasty names I deserve – but, in any case, all is not lost: he continued working on his bibliography after the early version he sent me, and he has managed to find several things I had overlooked. So if you want a more comprehensive (and clearer and better organised) bibliography of Rowan Williams’ work than mine, and one that does not stop in 2005, you should get your pre-orders in for Matheson Russell (ed.), On Rowan Williams: Critical Essays (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, forthcoming). It should be out in a month or two, and you should regard my bibliography as no more than an appetite-whetter for his.]

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