And relax…

I’ve come home from my last bit of teaching this term (an evening class on the Reformation), and am already beginning to feel whispers of relaxation drift through me. What with the pile of unprepared teaching, taking on the School Learning and Teaching Committee brief, and the RAE, it has been – well, busy, I guess. There were some days where I briefly considered not going for coffee, it was that bad.

Anyway, over the next couple of weeks I plan to write a paper on Psalm 2 – Christological and historical-critical readings, and what on earth they might have to say to one another. That’s for the Truro Theological Society in January. And I’d quite like to sketch out a paper on John the Baptist at the beginning of Mark, and on the idea of a ‘tradition’. (Don’t ask; it makes sense in my head.) And I plan to do some more God Delusion blogging. Of course, there’s also some marking and a bit of preparation for a new course on Aquinas, but you never know.

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