Reading the Church Dogmatics: Index

Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics I/1

Introduction to the series

§1 The Task of Dogmatics

As a theological discipline dogmatics is the scientific self-examination of the Christian Church with respect to the content of its distinctive talk about God.

1. The Church, Theology, Science

1: Is Theology about God?

2: Objectivity?

3: Relationalism?

4: Theology and the Life of Faith

5: Practice, Discipline and Judgment

6: Three Circles

7: Content

8: Practical Theology

9: Theology among the Disciplines

10: Theology and Religious Studies

11: Theology as Science?

12: The Rules of the Game

2. Dogmatics as Enquiry

13: The Possibility of Dogmatics

14: In media res

15: Theological Certainty and Academic Freedom

16: Reparative Logic

17: The Dynamics of Repair

3. Dogmatics as an Act of Faith

18: Dogmatics as an Act of Faith

19: Depending on Grace

20: Barth’s Sensibility

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